Attorney asnwering services

During office hours, our Customer Service Professionals act as your receptionist, answering your calls, taking messages or live transferring calls, and answering basic questions such as office hours and directions, if you require. Utilizing Bennett Communication Systems enables us to help you focus on the case at hand while still taking care of your other clients. It’s our goal to work with you to create and customize the perfect legal answering service no matter what type of law you practice. After hours, we are able to act as your new client consultation dispatch service, so you never miss a new client call.

Bennett Communication Systems provides your customers with 24-hour telephone access to your law practice – let us help you give customers a great experience with professional, reliable telephone answering and voice mail services.
  • Your call center receptionist is a trained, local professional.
  • Live telephone answering service calls will be handled according to your specifications.
  • In addition, we can dispatch calls that you need to receive immediately to a specific staff member or to your on-call personnel along with sending a report into your office.
All of your information is programmed into our system to ensure that your exact instructions are followed
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