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Phones are our lifeline in business. When you are not able to answer your phone, let us handle it!

Your clients are the most important aspect of your business. With time being crunched and calls coming through, let our agents answer your calls when your office can't. From live telephone answering service to our customize-able voice mail services, Bennett has the solutions you need.

Whether you’re in a meeting, talking to a client, on the phone, or otherwise busy, we’ve got your back!

When calls are urgent, our agents can transfer them as though we were in your office. Calls can be seamlessly delivered directly to your cell phone while messages can be e-mailed to you immediately or faxed to the office for follow up.

Sample Services Include:

Live Agent Messaging
  • Message sent to your cell phone and back up message sent to your e-mail
Voice Mail Services, Follow-Me
  • Pre-recorded message so clients have the option of leaving a message or being connected to our agents. If urgent, the call can be transferred directly to your personal number without having that number given out publicly.
Stay directly connected to your clients, with them only having to make one call.
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