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By chelseajaie 31 May, 2017

After you've turned in for the night, and your company is closed, where does that leave your customers? If a client calls after hours, who will respond? Sure, an answering machine could do the work for you, yet, what sort of impression does that leave with your client? To be honest not a very good one. Mostly all customers will hang up when they hear an answering machine which results in unhappy customers and lost profits for your business. 

This is all because there was no one there to answer the call when they needed your help. This sends the message of not really caring for your customer's needs even if this isn't the case. You are now left with an upset customer who may not call back when it's convenient for you. Now what?

Sometimes customers need to get in touch with someone about a specific purpose. You could also have a customer who does not operate at normal 9-5 business hours. Or you could have a client calling from a different time zone. All of these things must be taken into consideration when thinking about the quality of service you provide to your consumer. Having a 24 hour answering service will guarantee someone is available all hours of the day and night in case some questions or concerns arise through your customers. This will make your customers feel better about being in business with your company.

A 24 hour answering service is the perfect method to give customers a personalized experience. Using this service, every patron will be greeted with a polite and supportive voice which will make every phone call worth their means. Customers can call the company 24 hours 7 days a week to order services, ask for help, or even discuss billing options with a 24 hour answering service. It is a truly beneficial aspect to have for your business.

A 24 hour answering service can also be used for any service issues after normal business hours. Without it, if an area is suddenly without service at 8pm, they will have to wait for someone until the next business day. If it’s a weekend, that could mean days without examination. What kind of point does that send your user? With a 24 hour answering service, they can contact the appropriate department to inform them of an issue and get it resolved in a timely fashion. While you can tell a customer their business is important to you, this is a case where actions speak louder than words.

A connection to your customers is crucial for the business when one considers how much money could be lost in disgruntled customers because they couldn't reach you when they are in need of your services. Truthfully, customer satisfaction should be every company's top precedence. What better comfort to instill in your customers than having someone there for them, like a parent, friend, or grandparent, whenever they need assistance? Make having a 24 hour answering service part of your business to ensure the highest quality customer satisfaction and reoccurring business! This 24 hour answering service is there for your clients any day and any hour.

Just like the postal service, they will be there and do the job through rain, shine, snow or sleet.

By chelseajaie 31 May, 2017

For many companies, the prospect of hiring an answering service brings with it the fear of customer support and service declining and impacting company profits. In all actuality, the opposite is true. The sole purpose of any call center is to provide the best customer satisfaction in order to increase their company clientele and maintain job security. Therefore, the success rate is considerably high.

Reasons Why Answering Services Make a Big Difference

Cheerful and Professional
We all love to hear a cheerful voice on the other end of the phone line, but for an answering service it goes way beyond just having a positive and approachable demeanor. Every staff member is a properly trained professional who undergoes regular performance reviews to make sure they are delivering the best approach to service that a customer would expect. If there is a complaint issued toward a staff member, it is taken very seriously. This in turn will help to create better overall customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Humans, not Machines
Most everyone knows how annoying it can be to call a customer service line only to be greeted by an automated voice mail, which is why 80% of customers usually hang up. When a customer calls with a problem, no matter what time of day or night it is, they want to be greeted by a human being and not some mechanical device. Being able to speak one-on-one with a customer representative goes a long way in increasing customer satisfaction.

Immediate Response
It's no secret that customers tend to be very impatient, and when they aren't catered to immediately, they can become extremely rude. It takes a special kind of employee to remain calm in this type of situation, and answering service agents are trained to do just that. It's also true that customers hate to be kept waiting or put on hold, and a quality answering service strives to make sure this never happens by answering within the first two or three rings and handling the incoming call rate in a timely and professional manner.

By observing these and other ways switching to a reputable answering service can be beneficial, the question of whether or not to do so becomes decidedly clear. If you're looking to increase customer happiness within your own business, as this in turn has been proven to increase company profits, then hiring an experienced call center is certainly the best choice.

By chelseajaie 31 May, 2017

It's finally summer do you have any vacation plans yet?  Whether you're relaxing on a beach, exploring new places, or just hanging out at home, time away from your business doesn't have to mean dropped messages, missed calls, or lost opportunity.

With a professional answering service, your business calls are answered and customers are taken care of by a team of call center experts. There are many options available, and services can be custom-tailored to your specific needs. For instance, messages can be delivered to you via email or text message, important calls can be forwarded directly to your phone, and clients can leave messages with a live receptionist 24/7.

During the summer, it's common for businesses to be short-staffed while employees take vacations. A professional call center provides perfect continuity in your ability to answer phone calls, receive important messages, and serve your customers regardless of your summer staffing levels.

So before you take off for your next summer adventure, make sure your business calls are being answered professionally by a dependable answering service.

By chelseajaie 31 May, 2017

People want to talk to people and few leads are as engaged (and ready to make a purchase decision!) as first-time callers. In an everyday scenario, what is the experience like for first-time callers to your company?

If you're like most small businesses, it goes something like this

  • Susan calls your business because she wants to buy from you
  • The call goes to voicemail (maybe even to your cellphone voicemail) because you're busy and can't answer the phone right away
  • You forget to return the call, or else by the time you get around to it, Susan has moved on and hired one of your competitors

It's a common story, so don't feel bad you, as the business owner, are responsible for lot of different tasks during the day! If it's not something you can do well yourself, by all means, hire it done!

Professional answering services are affordable for small businesses, and help you to make the impression you want to make from that very first phone call.

You spent money to get that call (through advertising, marketing, ad purchases, etc) don't lose that sale!

Hiring a professional answering service can not only reduce the burden on your internal staff at the office, but it can STOP the caller from making the next call (to your competitor!) because her needs have been satisfied. She was able to speak to a real, live person who answered her questions and set up a clear expectation for what will happen next.

Having a professional answering service to make a great impression on first-time callers is a BUSINESS ASSET, not a business expense. Much of the time, you end up making more than you spend from the dollar value of the sales no longer missed on the first call. Not to mention the benefits of offering better customer service all around, being available by phone at all hours, and running your business more efficiently and effectively while reducing your multi-tasking burden.

So what are you waiting for?

By chelseajaie 31 May, 2017

With the technology boom, it has become increasingly possible for people in a wide range of industries to work from home. This is wonderful, as it offers a new level of freedom and flexibility, but in a lot of cases, it's still important for your clients and customers to be able to reach you during business hours. And, if you're like most small business owners, constantly answering the phone is a serious interruption in your workday, and greatly reduces your productivity.

Hiring a full time receptionist to handle phone calls can be prohibitively expensive, and much of the time, it's just too much for you to handle running your business and answering every single call yourself. That's where virtual receptionist services like the ones provided by Bennett Communication Solutions come in!

Our team is made up of local, talented people who work from our office here in Michigan. Our staff is highly trained, and ready to help represent your company in a professional, courteous, and helpful manner.

The experience for your customers is seamless  they won't know that the virtual receptionist isn't sitting in your office! And because you will have an entire team handling your incoming calls, you won't have to worry about issues like missing a phone call because your receptionist is on break, or you're out of the office. You have the freedom to come and go and run your business, knowing that your incoming calls are being handled professionally and immediately.

We are able to handle your calls in whatever way works best for you we can email messages to you, we can text you, and we can even transfer the most important calls directly to you! Never lose a lead due to an unanswered phone again. Never hear from your clients that you're difficult to reach by phone. Let our professional, local team handle your incoming calls making a great impression on your callers while you can get back to working!

If you're working from home and looking for help with your incoming calls, contact us today and let us help you take your business to the next level.

By chelseajaie 24 May, 2017

Bennett Answering Service, of Flint, MI has been honored with the exclusive ATSI ?2016 Award of Excellence for the 3rd consecutive year. This award is presented annually by the Association of TeleServices International (ATSI), the industry?s Trade Association for providers of telecommunications and call center services including telephone answering and message delivery across North America and the UK.? Bennett Answering Service was presented with the award at ATSI?s 2016 Annual Convention held at Hilton Downtown, Tampa, FL.

Independent judges are contracted by ATSI to evaluate message services over a six month period.? The scoring criteria includes:

  • Response Time
  • Courteousness of Rep
  • Accuracy of Call
  • Knowledge of Account
  • Overall Impression of Call

“The ATSI Award of Excellence Program recognizes that excellence requires a level of service that considers the caller first in every aspect of the call.? The award is earned by a company by judging the handling of calls placed by mystery callers against specific, member-driven criteria.”? Says ATSI President Jeffrey W. Zindel,? “Companies that earn this award are continuously focusing on delivering first class service to their customers.? It is truly an honor!”

The award started 20 years ago as a means to improve the overall quality of the call centre industry by setting expectations and measurements to ensure a successful call handling experience.

Now a three-time winner Bennett Answering Service earned the Silver Award for three consecutive years. ATSI extends its congratulations to the staff of Bennett Answering Service on their proven quality service to their customers.

By chelseajaie 22 May, 2017

OK so you've put in some really hard work, your business is going great, and you're looking to expand your business. The problem is that it's tough to win enough new clients to justify adding additional staff, or moving to that bigger office.  When you've hit the proverbial brick wall, it could be the perfect time to hire an answering service. Why?

Because believe it or not an answering service can help you to land new business opportunities! Seriously, an answering service can have a significant (positive) impact on your business.

Here are four ways that an answering service can help your business to win new clients:

Impeccable Customer Service from the Start

In general, people like to talk to other people (not to machines, not to voicemail boxes). In fact, excellent customer service frequently ranks as one of the most important factors in attracting new business (second only to good value/pricing). Having a professional answering service handling your incoming calls can start things off on a really positive note from the start, their call will be handled by a professional who is trained to make a great impression.

No More Missed Calls

You're not going to be in the office all of the time. When you're not there, what happens to incoming phone calls? Do your callers have to navigate a maze of voicemail option? Do you forward calls to your cellphone, requiring you to always be on-call? An answering service fills this gap, ensuring that phone calls are always answered and handled appropriately, even if they come in after-hours, when you're out of the office, or when you're otherwise unavailable.

Word-of-Mouth Referrals

Some of your best lead generation sources are happy clients! Not only does having an answering service help to keep your customers happy (and referring business your way!), but it can also provide first-time callers with an excellent experience, turning those leads into new customers (and additional lead-generation sources!).

Immediate Answers & Service

Callers are more likely than not to hang up if they get your voicemail or a computerized message (the dreaded express  maze), especially if they have a quick question. An answering service is trained to answer the most frequently asked questions – and can even take care of setting/changing/canceling appointments, making it easy for callers to get what they need, right away, and without frustration.

By chelseajaie 22 May, 2017

As your business grows, you may notice that it's getting increasingly difficult to handle all of your incoming phone calls. Even if you're able to make sure the phone is answered every time it rings, is it impacting your productivity, or the productivity of your team? If you plan to run a marketing or advertising campaign, is your office set up to handle an increase in phone calls and incoming leads? It is likely time to look at hiring an answering service. Why? Because the benefits pay for themselves!

Here are three major benefits to your business of taking the leap and hiring it done:

Never miss another lead/opportunity

With the assurance that your phone is always being answered, you will never have another issue where someone looking for your service calls, but the phone isn't answered (so they call your competitor instead). An answering service is trained to handle appointment scheduling/changes/cancellations, can answer frequently asked questions, and can even complete sales! If you are planning on running a promotional offer that will increase the volume of calls you receive short-term, you can rest easy knowing that every potential sale will be handled professionally.

Free up your staff

If your staff is currently handling your incoming calls, the time spent on the phone is taking away from their work day. Constant interruptions for answering the phone (and then for handling whatever the caller needs) will significantly impact productivity! With a professional, local answering service like Bennett Communication Solutions, you will get the benefit of an entire team of trained professionals handling your incoming calls, while you and your staff are able to get back to work on your primary tasks. You will also have the peace-of-mind that comes with not having to worry about the phone being answered if someone is sick or on vacation, and you gain the added flexibility of extending your phone hours, allowing customers and leads to have questions answered (and appointments set) even when you are not physically in your office.

Provide better customer service.

Having your phone answered consistently, reliably, and professionally will not only keep your current customers happy, but it will also help to convert first-time callers into customers. Your customers and potential customers will receive the answers and help they're looking for, when they are looking for it without any additional work or effort from you and your internal staff! With a local company like Bennett Communication Solutions, you are getting a team of local professionals, sitting in our office in Michigan, handling all your incoming calls in the way that you like them to be handled. The experience for your callers is seamless, making them feel comfortable with you and your company at every contact.

If you have additional questions, please contact us for more information!
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