Live Answering Services


Whatever your business need, Bennett Communication Solutions can help! Our Live Telephone Answering Service is designed to meet your specific challenges, whatever your market. Our Live Telephone Answering Service has custom applications that can include – but are not limited to – the following:
Standard Message
Our 24 hour telephone answering service will have our local operator take a message for each caller; collecting name, address, telephone number and reason for call. The message will be dispatched to you via phone, pager, e-mail or fax, depending on your preference. We can customize the script, contact information collected, and method of delivery so that the live telephone answering service (standard message style) meets your specific business needs.
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Home Health Care
Your patients are your business. Why rely on a cell phone or an answering machine to answer their call? Let us answer your calls during lunch time, after hours & weekends or when your receptionist is sick. We can screen the calls with 24 hour telephone answering, and dispatch emergencies to the on-call nurse. Calls that do not require immediate assistance can be faxed or e-mailed to your office for future follow-up.
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Attendance Lines
Bennett can provide telephone answering services to take your reservations for your next open house, business seminar, wedding or gathering. You can receive reports via fax, e-mail or a database file ready for import or have us input the information directly into your website.
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Elevator Phone Monitoring
Does your building or business have an elevator? Bennett Communication solutions can monitor the phone line/call button for potential problems. In the event of an emergency, we will contact the authorities, building maintenance personnel or the elevator company to advise them of the problem.
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Your patients rely on you for medical care. However, their symptoms don't necessarily develop Monday-Friday between 9a-5p. Let BCS answer your patient calls for you with 24 hour telephone answering. Calls that require medical attention can be given to the on-call physician while calls not requiring immediate attention will be faxed to your office for future follow up.
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