Automated Answering Services


If you are looking for automated 24 hour telephone answering services, Bennett Communication Systems is set up to help! Whether you’re looking for e-fax services, voice mail services, or 24 hour telephone answering, we can customize a solution to suit your business needs.

Our automated answering services include – but are certainly not limited to – the following:
Why e-fax services from Bennett? Because with e-fax services you can conveniently receive your fax via e-mail! Our e-Fax services deliver your document to you in a PDF format, and can be printed as necessary. Save time and paper try our e-Fax services!
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One of the most advanced communication services available. When used alone or in tandem with our call center receptionist, voice mail services help to give your business a professional image. Our voice mail services are ideal when you require additional quality service during heavy call traffic periods, when the receptionist is unavailable, after-hours, during company meetings, and in other unexpected events.
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Your One Number Service provides one central location for all calls, messages and faxes which can be accessed through either a telephone or via the Internet. When a caller dials your One Number Service phone number, the system will route the call to you based on the time of day and to the destination number you specify.

For faxes, you can send an incoming fax to any fax machine you specify, or the system can hold it in a queue for printing later. You also have the option of viewing and printing your fax using your Internet Notification option. You will have the ability to take the calls that you choose to and send the others into voicemail.
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Conference Calling offers a safe and secure way to plan out the next quarter, discuss project performance or have a green light thinking session. Callers will call into one number and be connected immediately. Should someone not be able to make the call, Conference Call Recording is available so that the information can still be shared within your own group.
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Voice messages left are e-mailed to you via a .wave file. This eliminates the need to check your messages by phone and allows you to track and save your messages on your computer.
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Have a pre-scheduled wake up call start your day off right. If the snooze button is too easy to shut off, have our wake up service greet you in the morning and get you up and moving!
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